Quality Assurance

The high standards achieved by NIKKYPORE is due to continuous investment in research and development which produce our high quality reliable products.

We have adopted a systematic approach to test Filter and Elements. Our testing laboratory conducts performance evaluation and quality checks on our products It is equipped with a BUBBLE POINT TEST EQUIPMENT and a PARTICAL COUNTER. To ensure critical specifications of Filter Micron Rating, we import filtering media from France and United States of America and offer micron rating as low as 1micron Absolute.

Our laboratory has the following Testing equipments:-

  •     Bubble Point Test Equipment
  •     Automatic Partical Counter
  •     End Load Test Equipments
  •     Test Stand For Testing Bypass Valve And Indicator
  •     Air Resistance Test Machine
  •     Burst Strength Tester

People are our most important asset. Knowledge is continually improved with consistent training sessions.

Quality policy is implemented through a detailed quality System which is in conformance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. NIKKYPORE facilitates the continual improvements for the organization’s future success.