Dust Collector Filters

  • Bags & pleated filters cartridges for short blasting, powder coating, welding fumes, battery plants, cement inds. etc


  • Height
    Multiple Lengths Elements
  • Flange
    various Styles
  • Working Temperature
  • Media
    Spun bounded polyester
  • Pleat Spacing
    Uniform pleat spacing for maximum life & minimum air flow restriction

Types of Dust Collector Filters

  • Pleated Cartridge Filters

    Pleated Cartridge filters are very easy to install & remove, these elements are very stable & the filter area is 2-4 times larger then traditional bags. Which results in reduction of downtime & maintenance cost.

  • Threaded Filter Cartridge

    These filters are design to suit difficult filtration applications. Threaded filter cartridge are mainly used in pharmaceutical, pneumatic, conveying, mining ect. These filters have advantages of quick fixing, small body diameter, & threaded flange with different lengths.

  • Bag Filters